• N2M Technology believes that a true Hosted VoIP system offers the small and medium business the best voice solution.
  • The only hardware onsite are the phones and the system uses your Internet Circuit to pass traffic.  A properly designed circuit and on site network equipment are important to ensure that the system perform properly.
  • The benefits of this type of system allow the business to remain online during a circuit outage or power outage; no more Fast-Busy for your clients.
  • Tremendous flexibility, features and functionality allows small business owners to have the system work for them as opposed to being chained to the phone system.
    • Have your calls follow your cell phone, but then leave the Voice Mail on the business VM if you don’t answer.
    • Have you voice mails delivered to your email box.
    • Redirect your work calls to your summer or winter home and work from there like you were in the office.
    • Save recorded voice mails from clients in your client folder (server or cloud) for future reference.
    • And many more features.
  • N2M Technology partners with Nextiva as the Hosted VoIP solution.

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