So many technologies are moving to the Cloud, why not Voice?  Voice over IP (VoIP) is a very misunderstood technology, but is a buzz-word that makes people feel like getting more than they may be getting.


There are VoIP Circuits, which are Integrated Voice and Data Circuits; thus saving you some costs since everything come across one wire.  Circuit providers, Comcast Business and other cable providers deliver these.  However, they hand you an Analog Phone Line that you use for a Fax line or connect to your Digital PBX or Key System.  Therefore, you are really not completely reaping the benefits of VoIP.


Then there is VoIP Appliances in your office with VoIP phones.  Yes, this is a VoIP system; but what does the system have connected to it, Analog Phone Lines?  Since you are using Analog Lines, you still lack the true benefits of VoIP.


So what is the best solution for you; Hosted VoIP, a Digital Phone System or just Analog Lines?

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