Network Security

Many small businesses put their trust in SOHO (Small Office Home Office) and Consumer based hardware and software products to protect their business I/T assets without realizing the risks that they put the company and the valuable information they have created.  Today there are many robust small business solutions that raise the bar on protecting your company and client assets.


N2M Technology is well verse in the products available in this area and can help you create a solid solution that will ensure you are well protected.


Protecting your equipment and data from viruses, malware, hackers, phishing, theft, access and the many other attacks takes more than just a good AntVirus program on your computer, you need a Network Security strategy.  The good news is that many protection solutions are now affordable for small and medium size businesses.

Unified Threat Management – Firewalls

    • Feature Rich security appliances were once restricted to enterprise networks because of the costs associated with deploying this protection.
    • In recent years, protection specific appliances or specific hosting services for web filtering, spam control, etc. started making their way to the Small and Medium Businesses
    • Today there are feature rich “Unified Threat Management” firewall appliances that provide your network:
      • Firewall
      • Web Filtering (Category Classified or Specific Sites)
      • Spam Filtering (for On-Site Hosted Email)
      • Intrusion Protection Services
      • Web Site Reputation Services
      • Adaptive Threat Protection
      • Data Loss Prevention (blocks transmission of information like SSN, Credit Card, Driver License, etc.)
    • N2M Technology has standardized on Watchguard XTM Firewalls as its Firewall of choice and has seen impressive protection for its clients.
    • N2M Technology is a WatchGuard Silver Partner

Video Surveillance

    • There are numerous manufactures of Video Surveillance systems on the market and it can be daunting trying to determine which system is best for your business.  Analog?  Digital (IP)?
    • N2M Technology has standardized on LUMA video surveillance equipment for its clients.  High quality, reliable and easy access to your live or recorded video.

Door Access

    • Protecting your physical premises goes beyond an alarm and locking the doors.  A good Door Access system greatly improves your ability to control who enters your premise and eliminates the hassle of re-keying should a key get lost, stolen or an employee let go.  Door Access systems can use Cards, KeyFab’s, Keypads, Biometrics or even remotely with your smartphone.  You control who can access the building and when they can access it.  Real-time logs and reports allow you to see history of who entered and when an employee is let go, you just delete their account in the system.

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