Low Voltage Cabling

Wireless is becoming more and more popular in today’s modern office, however; there is still a significant need for fiber optic and copper low voltage cabling.  Higher bandwidth applications and services are driving cable that can carry significantly more information, therefore greatly enhancing the need for properly specified low voltage cabling solutions.


  • A poorly installed cabling infrastructure and the use of inferior products impacts more than system performance, it increases the risk of a failure and it adds vendor costs when trying to troubleshoot a problem.  All too often it is installed only to the specific locations needed to keep costs down.  Additionally, a poor installation not only presents a poor visible representation of your company, it could also add a safety hazard to your employees or guests.
  • N2M Technology’s design and installation services take a holistic view of your infrastructure to design a functional system with capacity and flexibility for your future.  We not only look at the cabling requirements related to analog/digital voice, voice over IP and video for any size location; we excel at multi-closet/multi-location designs as it relates to network design, redundancy, fire ratings, underground, aerial and raised floor environments.
  • With years of cabling infrastructure experience, N2M Technology can design and install the most appropriate cabling infrastructure that your business requires.  Solutions include Fiber Optics, Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A, Coax and Audio/Video cabling.
  • N2M Technology primarily uses CommScope cabling and patch panels, Panduit patch panels, jacks, plates and wire management; and Ortronics racks, tray and other infrastructure hardware.

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