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  • Mobile and Work from Home businesses and teams have really changed the “Server” in the office model.  Everyone wants access to data from wherever they are at.
  • Personal File Storage and Sharing products have been on the market for years and have been a nightmare for IT Administrators as there is no way to secure or manage company data, so many companies have put policies in place preventing employees from using this types of services or companies have used them not realizing the incredible risk they are exposing to their data.
  • Dropbox for Business brings perhaps the most popular Personal File Storage and Sharing products to the Business.  Managed by N2M Technology or a company administrator, company data is organized and shared appropriately by file/folder to employees; similar to how you would set up file/folder access on a server.  Therefore, only the appropriate people have access to the information they are allowed to see.  Additional configuration allows to control who can share information outside of your company, who can create/delete/modify folders/files, etc.
  • Dropbox for Business synchronizes excellent between Windows machines, MAC’s, Smartphone and Tablets.
  • Dropbox for Business is licensed by user; minimum of 5 user accounts is required to setup your company.

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