Desktop Security and Backup

A standardized solution for desktop security and back-up greatly increases your user experience and productivity.


  • Desktop Security
    • In addition to strong Network Security, your Desktop/Laptop/Tablet also needs protection.  Therefore, N2M Technology has standardized on Symantec.Cloud for its Windows/MAC AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, Firewall solution.
    • This product does an outstanding job protecting the end users machine from the numerous threats that are in the market.
  • Desktop Backup
    • N2M Technology recommends a two-fold back-up approach for Desktops and Servers; Image Back-up and Data Back-up.
      • Image Back-up.  Locally or Cloud stored system images are an excellent recovery method from failed hard drives, corrupted operating systems, viruses, encryption viruses, theft.  The machine is restored perfectly to a prior point quickly and allows the user to return work.
      • Data Back-up.  If using a locally backed-up image, then it is recommended to also backup any client data to a cloud storage location; thus making the data available in case of theft or fire.
    • N2M Technology utilizes Acronis business class cloud back-up.
  • Email Security
    • In today's world, technology can be as much of a risk as it can be a benefit, and there is no better example than email. You can use email to communicate quickly and easily with your customers and coworkers, but there are also nefarious entities that will seek to use this tool against you to compromise your company's data and financial information.
    • Trend Micro Hosted Email Security is a tool that can be used to add an additional layer of security and protection to your email communications. Whether it is protecting you from malware and viruses being delivered to your unsuspecting employees, or blocking malicious emails attempting to impersonate a member of your company, Trend Micro Hosted Email Security can give you peace of mind knowing there is a gatekeeper between your employees and the outside world.
    • Trend Micro Hosted Email Security can also be used to securely encrypt and deliver sensitive information to customers and partners via email.

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