Desktop Security and Backup

A standardized solution for desktop security and back-up greatly increases your user experience and productivity.


  • Desktop Security
    • In addition to strong Network Security, your Desktop/Laptop/Tablet also needs protection.  Therefore, N2M Technology has standardized on Symantec.Cloud for its Windows/MAC AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, Firewall solution.
    • This product does an outstanding job protecting the end users machine from the numerous threats that are in the market.
  • Desktop Backup
    • N2M Technology recommends a two-fold back-up approach for Desktops and Servers; Image Back-up and Data Back-up.
      • Image Back-up.  Locally or Cloud stored system images are an excellent recovery method from failed hard drives, corrupted operating systems, viruses, encryption viruses, theft.  The machine is restored perfectly to a prior point quickly and allows the user to return work.
      • Data Back-up.  If using a locally backed-up image, then it is recommended to also backup any client data to a cloud storage location; thus making the data available in case of theft or fire.
    • N2M Technology utilizes Acronis business class cloud back-up.

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